Spectrum II 2023

*12.9.Sat until 17:00

木本 憲道 粂田 元子

本展覧会のタイトルである“Spectrum” とは分光学で、太陽光をプリズムに通したときに現れる虹の帯などを表し、広義では「変動するものの範囲」「連続体」といった意味を持ちます。

The title of this exhibition, “ Spectrum ” represents the distribution of wavelengths in spectroscopy. It is used to decompose complex information and signals, such as the rainbow band that appears when sunlight is passed through a prism, and arrange them regularly in order of quantity and intensity. In a broad sense, it also means the scope and domain of ideas and activities.
Contemporary art is to be various expression methods to understand the problems of modern society and the inner side of human beings living in modern society from various perspectives, and to express and appeal from different perspectives.
Above all, it foresee the immediate future that is important to us and conveys hope. It is necessary for each artist to take a flexible perspective, re-examine the importance and relationships of communicating through art.
By bringing together the works that have been created through such a process, we hope that each artist’s approach will spread like a rainbow across the entire space, reflecting and sharing awareness from the artist to the viewer, and continuing the awareness from the artist to the viewer, so that art will be connected in a social context.
In this exhibition, we would like to explore the direction and possibilities for the next generation through the works of selected artists.

また、実際に作品をご覧になりたい方は、作品により画廊にてご覧いただくこともできます。 ご希望の際は事前に御連絡ください。

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