NAO FURUKIDO時を超えた特別な”もの”

2020.11.2.Mon - 11.7.Sat
11.3.Tue until 18:00, 11.7.Sat until 17:00

NAO FURUKIDOは、祖父、家族の影響により小さき頃から芸術に触れ、本人の中で蓄積インスパイアされている。また、幼少期よりいろんな国地域での文化に触れたせいか、その作品は、どこか多国籍な空気を感じる。
NAOは、いつも自然の近くにいたから、自然の中にいると、いつもニュートラルな気持ちになれるという。頭の中には、光と緑、水のキラキラした中に揺れる影、乾いた錆びた感触があり、その感触を追い求め、プリミティブなものや人に興味を持ち、ネイティブ・アメリカンとも触れ合った。その頃から、自分のルーツを見つけるかのように…作品を作り続けている。そのせいかNAOの作品にはどことなく不思議なカタチと趣でプリミティブな素朴さを感じる。 アンバランスに立っている作品などからは、朽ちたサボテンなどの植物にも感じられる。昔の記憶を辿るかように作品を作ってきたのであろう。
今回の展示では、ものに着目し、石や鉄片や木片など、塵となると邪魔なもの。気づかずに通り過ぎ去ってしまいがちな一つ一つのものにも魂が宿ると NAOは考えている。 そのものと一つ一つ対話するかのように削ったり磨いたり、着色したりと独自のテクチャーで、ものの魂を呼び起こし作品にし展示する。
展示の構成は、インスタレーションから派生した作品が点在し、ものの魂を感じさせるような演出。立体、平面という枠から抜け出した作品が並ぶ。 インスタレーションは、108個の石や鉄の木の立体の森からは、自然の魂を感じさせられる作品。

NAO FURUKIDO has been exposed to art from a young age due to the influence of her grandfather and family, and it has been an accumulated inspiration for her. She got in touch with many different cultures from her childhood, and her works have a multinational feel to them.
When she was a child, she was shy and liked to play alone. She collected rusty pieces of iron, screws, pieces of wood, and stones of unusual shapes and colors, and liked to arrange them, stack them, and scrape flower petals, leaves, and berries to add color to them.
NAO said that she was always near nature, so being in nature always made her feel neutral. In her head, there are light and greenery, shadows shimmering in the glitter of water, and a dry, rusty feel to it, and she pursued that feeling, interested in primitive things and people, as well as being in touch with Native Americans. Since that time, she has been making work…like finding her roots. Because of this, NAO’s works have a mysterious shape and flavor, and a primitive simplicity to them. In the works that are standing unbalanced, you can also feel like a decaying cactus or other plants. It seems that she has been creating her works as if she were retracing her memories of the past.
In this exhibition, she focused on objects, such as stones, pieces of iron and wood, which would otherwise be in the way of dust. NAO believes that each thing that tends to pass by unnoticed has a soul in it. As if in dialogue with each of these objects, she uses her own unique techniques such as grinding, polishing and coloring to evoke the soul of the objects and exhibit them.
The structure of the exhibition is dotted with works derived from the installation and directed to make us feel the soul of the object. The works that break out of the stereoscopic and two-dimensional frameworks of the exhibition are lined up. The installation, a three-dimensional forest of 108 stones and steel trees, is a work that makes you feel the soul of nature. The installation consists of 12 wall works, which are integrated with the installation to create a powerful and vital work.

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