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MiHee Kim Magee


MiHee Kim Magee is a painter based in London. Her painting involves the pursuit of spiritual aims through experimental, improvised processes that lead to uncertain outcomes, to challenge herself and the viewer.
Her inspirations include free jazz and improvised music, which she connects with through her work as an album cover artist.
She particularly enjoys working with Korean paper and inks because of the subtle, slow and delicate interactions that she sets up between the extraordinarily absorbent paper and the vivid inks, which never fail to bring surprises once they have dried. Patiently observing these slowly unfolding processes is a meditative experience for her, which she hopes to share with the viewer through the finished paintings.
She also uses elements of collage to bring out a distinction between foreground and background, sharp and subtle, material and spiritual.

略 歴




Cover painting for the album 'Shards of the Infinite' by a free jazz group from London.
My sculpture featured on the cover of an album on Cafe Oto's TakuRoku label in London.
Cover painting for the album 'Live in the Metaverse' on 577 Records in New York
Cover painting for an experimental electronic album on USA label MuteAnt Sounds
Cover paintings for two experimental electronic albums on Florida label Poverty Electronics
NFT artwork exhibition CrypTOKYO at UltraSuperNew Gallery, Shibuya
Session III 2021 at Gallery Art Point, Ginza
Epilogue I 2021 at Gallery Art Point, Ginza
Cover painting for the band Open Question featuring Daniel Carter on 577 Records in New York

I continue to work with New York jazz label 577 Records and other musicians as a cover artist, with more records coming later this year that will feature my cover paintings, including another by Daniel Carter and one featuring Eddie Prévost.


  • 樹皮 Bark

      2020年10月18日、21cm x 25cm、インク、オリエンタルペイント、粘土、韓国紙にターメリック

      18 Oct 2020, 21cm x 25cm, Ink, oriental paint, clay and turmeric on Korean paper
    ¥70,000 + tax
  • 私は知っている I Know

      2021年6月、23.5cm x 31.5cm、韓紙ミクストメディア

      18 Oct 2020, 23.5cm x 31.5cm, Mixed media on Korean paper
    ¥80,000 + tax
  • 光の島 Isles of Light

      2021年10月、37cm x 35.5cm、韓紙ミクストメディア

      October 2021, 37cm x 35.5cm, Mixed media on Korean paper
    ¥100,000 + tax
  • 母と子 Mother and Child

      2020年、35cm x 29cm、韓紙ミクストメディア

      2020, 35cm x 29cm, Mixed media on Korean paper
    ¥100,000 + tax
  • リフレクション1 Reflection I

      2020年10月10日、34.5cm x 22.5cm、韓紙にインクとコラージュ

      10 Oct 2020, 34.5cm x 22.5cm, Ink and collage on Korean paper
    ¥80,000 + tax
  • 無題 Untitled

      2020年10月12日、23cm x 34.5cm、韓紙にインクとターメリック

      12 Oct 2020, 23cm x 34.5cm, Ink and turmeric on Korean paper
    ¥80,000円 + tax
  • 無題 Untitled

      2020年10月13日、35cm x 22.5cm、韓紙にインク、卵テンペラ、ターメリック

      3 Oct 2020, 35cm x 22.5cm, Ink, egg tempera and turmeric on Korean paper
    ¥80,000円 + tax
  • 無題 Untitled

      2020年10月13日II、35cm x22.5cm。韓国紙にインク、ターメリック、水彩

      13 Oct 2020 II, 35cm x 22.5cm. Ink, turmeric and watercolour on Korean paper
    ¥80,000 + tax
  • 無題 Untitled

      2020年9月30日、35cm x 22.5cm、韓国紙にインク、ターメリック、粘土、水彩

      30 Sep 2020, 35cm x 22.5cm, Ink, turmeric, clay and watercolour on Korean paper
    ¥80,000 + tax
  • 無題 Untitled

      2020年9月30日II、23.5cm x 34.5cm、韓紙にインク、ターメリック、卵テンペラ

      30 Sep 2020 II, 23.5cm x 34.5cm, Ink, turmeric and egg tempera on Korean paper
    ¥80,000 + tax
  • ホワイトムーン White Moon

      2020年5月9日、37.5cm x 50cm、花びらの紙にアクリル

      09 May 2020, 37.5cm x 50cm, Acrylic on petal paper
    ¥120,000 + tax
  • ヨウイジュ Yeouiju

      2021年10月、37cm x 35.5cm、韓紙ミクストメディア

      October 2021, 37cm x 35.5cm, Mixed media on Korean paper
    ¥100,000 + tax

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