Prologue XII

7.17.Sat until 17:00

大西 晃生 佐東 ヒロキ 佐藤 正樹 新 拓馬 野村 真弘 マスコマユ 三木 瑛子 Guanzhi Wang


The exhibition titled “Prologue” is an exhibition composed of selected artists of the “Shell Art Award” exhibition, which is one of the most prestigious public recruitment exhibitions in Japan.
The “Prologue” exhibition, which has been held every year, is the 11th time this year. This year, we aim for more open exhibition with introducing artists other than the selected artists from the “Shell Art Award 2020” exhibition.
By introducing artists who are expected to play an active role in the future Japanese art scene, we will explore the possibilities of the next generation of contemporary Japanese art.
In today media expression is so diversifying, what kind of world is waiting beyond the eyes of up-and-coming artists? The title of this exhibition, “Prologue”, means “introduction”, “biginning”, and “opening”. The “introduction” of the art scene will be seen through artworks by eight artists.

また、実際に作品をご覧になりたい方は、作品により画廊にてご覧いただくこともできます。 ご希望の際は事前に御連絡ください。

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