ART POINT Selection Ⅶ第7回 ART POINT Selection展

2019.11.11.Mon - 11.16.Sat
*11.16.Sat - Last Day until 17:00

指宿  海南 百合香  占部 紗也香  河野 太郎  虎鉄  田中 充  鎮西 勇夫  松岡 美里  三浦 勇人

ART POINT Selection展では、年数回の開催により弊画廊が注目するアーティスト30-40名を紹介します。
今回は、ART POINT Selection展第7回目の展示となります。

In this ART POINT Selection exhibition, which are held several times a year, 30 to 40 artists selected by gallery will be introduced.
This exhibition, is the 7th exhibition of the ART POINT Selection exhibition.
As the purpose of this program to specialize in fine art without setting theme of being unusual, we aim to show the “fine art” which is formed with so many layers of art movements.
This ART POINT Selection exhibition focus on selected artists with new perspectives, approaches, and techniques. Through their variety of expressive styles, pluralistic image and worldview, we could see their own different perspectives as one stream of the contemporary art scene.

また、実際に作品をご覧になりたい方は、作品により画廊にてご覧いただくこともできます。 ご希望の際は事前に御連絡ください。

問い合わせ先 (担当:吉村 義彦)
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Tel : 03-6228-6839

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing artworks.
In the case that you’d like to see actual artworks at the gallery, please contact us in advance.

Contact : Yoshihiko Yoshimura
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Tel : 03-6228-6839