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Sumire creates a portrait based on the characteristics of the land with her own sense, and mainly uses mineral pigments and acrylic paints as painting materials.
Sumire cherishes the old things. The waves of the times go around and disappear at an uncaptured speed. In that ephemeral trend, Sumire thinks that what people really wanted to cherish and protect became a form or spirituality, and was handed down to the land as an old things.
What is even more interesting is the cultural differences of each land based on the above. Although they share the same folk love and national pride, cultures such as folk costumes, architecture, religion, art, music, food, and entertainment have all developed complete differently. The difference is the identity that establishes the individual. Because Sumire has an idea of ​​respecting diversity, she express with recollecting the good old things that have faded in the flow of the times and cherish the beauty of various differences.
The symbolic female image that incorporates traditional costumes, decorations, and natural objects related to the land into the painting embodies the spirituality of the people who have lived in the land, and at the same time, the Gods and Buddhas of temples and shrines.
In addition, by drawing with a lot of mineral pigments such as mineral pigments, foils, shells, and metallic paints, the particles of the painting materials are shimmering and the color changes when the angle is changed. Sumire has a longing for the natural scenery of my hometown, where she can feel the healing of the water surface that reflects sunlight, the snowy fields under the moonlight, and the shimmering sunlight through the trees. At the same time, she pursues an expression with nostalgic like a good old craft with a dazzling and shining aura, made from natural objects.



4月 グループ展(東京)
10月 グループ展(大阪)
12月 初個展「Nostalgic Room」(東京)

4月 グループ展(東京)
10月 グループ展(大阪)

7月 グループ展(東京)


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