SCOPEs 2021- それぞれの視展 -

2021.9.20.Mon - 9.25.Sat
*9.20.Mon&9.23.Thu until 18:00, 9.25.Sat until 17:00

阿部 華帆  園田 麻紀子  成田 けい  野尻 恵梨華
ラミマイラ  G.S.N.7.1.9  sage  tomo.MI 


“SCOPEs” ,with the Greek word “what to see” as the word source, has the meaning of viewpoint, range, insight, prospect and so on. In modern society, various fields from humanities to science, are expanding more specialized fields. It can be said that the role of contemporary art is to reflect the diversity of this society while being closely related to these fields. With free ideas that are not tied to existing values and frameworks, Contemporary art presents new directions and values from various viewpoints and insights (SCOPEs) for problems in various areas related to modern society.
In this exhibition, 8 contemporary artists and their artworks are introduced. Through their each viewpoints (SCOPEs), we will see the relationship and nature of contemporary art and society in its diverse styles.

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