Rêve レーヴ 夢

*1.30.Sat until 17:00

イノウエマサル しゃぽ HAL Horii 盛合 崇

本展覧会のタイトルである“Rêve – レーヴ” とは、フランス語で夢を意味します。
本展では、この夢の世界における美を追求する実力派アーティスト4名を選抜し“Rêve – レーヴ”というテーマで様々な技法とスタイルの中に映し出されるビジョンをコンテンポラリーアートシーンの問題として捉え、アートの可能性と方向性を提示します。

The title of this exhibition, “Rêve”, means a dream in French.
“Dream is a manifestation of a desire that has been repressed in real life” is a statement by Sigmund Freud, who is known for interpreting dreams in the field of psychology. Artists who participated in the art movement “Surrealism (surrealism)” which started in 1924 with “Surrealism First Declaration ” by the French poet Andre Breton, thought that the world of dreams is the most constrained for humans, it is a free world, and that “super-reality” where dreams and reality meet would enable free creation.
Finding new values ​​from different perspectives or restructuring reality regarding the relationship between reality and reality that cannot be explained rationally has also freed humans themselves. While tracing the genealogy of the dream world imagined by Freud and surrealists, we will examine the liberating nature of the art of desire that was suppressed in real life.
In this exhibition, four talented artists that are pursuing beauty in the dream world were selected by our gallery, and we want to grasp the problem of the vision reflected in various techniques and styles under the theme of “Rêve” and to present the possibilities and directions of art.

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