A Scenery- 或る心象風景 -

2020.9.21.Mon - 9.26.Sat
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現代日本美術の中で、具象表現は極めて重要な意味を担ってきました。20 世紀以降、抽象/ 具象の線引きが表現上の問題として扱われる以前に、日本の芸術文化は古来より具象の中に精神を見出し、またある時は物自体を抽象的な概念の黙示として捉えていました。抽象と具象という枠組みが西洋の美術史上で構築される中でも、単に現前の再現に留まらない日本の具象表現はいつの時代にも日本美術の根幹を担います。
本展「Scenery」では、そのイメージや要素の追求のひとつである心象風景=Imagined Scenery を具体化することで、人の心の奥にある根源的世界を詳らかにすると共に、古来より具象の中に精神を見出してきた私たち自身と他者との現在の関係性を探ります。アートポイント選抜による中堅およびベテラン作家たちの内的形象に基づいた具象絵画を取り上げ、その多様な表象表現が、現代社会におけるアートのあり様を再考する足掛けになることを願います。

Contemporary Realism is one of the most notable movement when it comes to Japanese art. With the knowledge of Japanese religion, politics and mythology, you can tell the stories behind the works. Even before we all began to wonder the difference between realism and abstract expressionism, Japanese generally found the beauty in seeing the world through what the artists’ have visualised. Artists have always been capturing what they have seen and what they have thought by creating an work of art in a very precise way. In the history of art, there is a significant impact of Japanese art because there is a mystery even in the most realistic artworks.
After Second World War, there was a huge market for modernism artworks in most of the places in the world, but the new vision of realism was a key to the Japanese modern art scenes.
Realism can be something which goes beyond what you see and it could broaden the world you see, hear, touch, feel or even taste. Moreover Contemporary Realism draws a big attention to modern, minimal and technological scenes.
Art scenes nowadays are focusing on realism again. Artists tend to seek the visual realism by exploring contemporary media such as photography and designing. The boundary between abstract expressionism and realism could not been defined and that is what we think the new movement in contemporary art world is.
Exhibition, “Scenery” is about Imagined Scenery, to visualise something that you do not normally tend to, and the relationship between realism and what we try to seek in spiritual ways. Art Point Gallery picked up some of the experienced artists works in Contemporary Realism, and since the works exhibited in our gallery have their own personalities to them, and we wish to be a small part of the brand new chemical reaction between the works of the artists.

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