Mixed Media 2022- ミクストメディア -

7.9.Sat until 17:00

官野 良太 中島 祥吾 水高 和彦 ユウト.ザ_ファミリア_オーシャン INAMI Akari


Mixed media was led by Duchamp and others as the forefront of contemporary art in the 1970s, but originated in Dada and Surrealist artists and was born in a confused world after World War I . At that time, artists incorporated real-world fragments into the two-dimensional nature of painting in order to bring the intractable emotions of complex world situation and mental structure to life.
The expression of relationships created by different materials and the transformation of values ​​created by opposition play a major role in the art world since the 1970s when the relationship between society and self became a major issue.
At present, it have jumped over that category and became to use AV equipment and daily necessities. Mixed media is also the foundation of contemporary art as an important way to freely express the relationship between our world’s affordance and the inner world.
This exhibition focuses on mixed media. The dynamic situation of the screen and its change, which occur through the composition of various intertwined materials, give the observer intellectual consideration and pure pleasure of seeing. In addition, the artist’s unique selection of materials will further characterize the world of each expression, reinforce each other’s charm while resonating with each other, and let us discover a new aspect of artistic expression.

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