Imaginaire II 2023

*2.18.Sat until 17:00

chiki なかやしきゆみこ 西江 実李 小林 茂己

本展はimaginaire=創造的なものと定義し、弊画廊選抜によるアーティストが描くその豊穣なる創造世界を展観します。また、本展は弊画廊別スペースで開催されるImaginaire Iとの共同開催となります。

French psychoanalyst Lacan captured human independence in three territories: the symbolic world, the imaginary world, and the real world. The symbolic world is the “linguistic domain” where infants are forced to move halfway from the imaginary world, the imaginary is the “imaginary domain”, and the real world cannot symbolize the image of the imaginary world. It is the area that exists outside of the “linguistic domain”.
Of the three worlds, “Imaginary world”, the stage before humans acquire the ego, is defined as a world full of images and representations. This imaginary world filled with images and representations has a high affinity with literature and paintings. Especially in paintings, the dream world of surrealism called the liberation movement of images, led to fantasy paintings and imagery. It has been also considered as the source of the idea of many works rthroughout art history. This exhibition will showcase the rich creative world created by selected artists.This exhibition will also be held in collaboration with Imaginaire I , which will be held at our another space.

また、実際に作品をご覧になりたい方は、作品により画廊にてご覧いただくこともできます。 ご希望の際は事前に御連絡ください。

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