Echoes- 共鳴 -

*10.1.Sat until 17:00

通木 菜々絵 髙木 直美 波賀野 文子 三橋 愛


Japanese painting is a style that has matured and developed independently in Japan. In recent years, however, it has been affected by oil painting and is not bound by so-called traditional techniques, such as thickly painted paint and abstract painting. In recent years, some artists have pioneered the cutting edge of contemporary art while borrowing traditional Japanese painting techniques, and works based on Japanese painting are attracting worldwide attention. In this exhibition, 3-5 artists who shine light on the world of Japanese painting and pursue beauty in the world of Japanese painting will use their approaches to express themselves in the skin of rock paint, and the work will fill the entire space I hope that the world will echo and resonate and reflect and share the consciousness from the artist to the viewer and connect.

また、実際に作品をご覧になりたい方は、作品により画廊にてご覧いただくこともできます。 ご希望の際は事前に御連絡ください。

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