Abstraction II 2021

7.3.Sat until 17:00

抽象表現は 20世紀初頭にヨーロッパで誕生し、 一般にはカンディンスキーが抽象絵画の創始者と言われており、その時期は1910年頃とされています。その後、抽象表現は、1940~1950年代にかけてアメリカで全盛を迎えます。“余計な要素を絵画からそぎ落とし必要で根本的な要素にまで還元することによりモダニズムが最終的な美術の形態になる”という当時、抽象表現主義を擁護した美術批評家のグリーンバーグの議論は美術界に大きな波紋を呼びました。

Abstract expression was born in the early 20th century in Europe, and Kandinsky is generally considered to be the founder of abstract painting, which is said to have occurred around 1910.
Abstraction then reached its zenith in the United States during the 1940s and 1950s. Greenberg’s argument that “by stripping away the extraneous elements from painting and reducing it to the necessary and fundamental elements, modernism becomes the final art form” caused a stir in the art world, as he defended Abstract Expressionism at the time.
Now, a little more than half a century after that great painting movement, “Is there a limit to the expressiveness of abstraction, and has its potential already been largely attempted by previous artists?” The Japanese art scene today is full of narrative and animation-like works, while abstract paintings are lurking in the background, and figurative expression is much celebrated.
In this exhibition, we will re-examine the meaning of abstraction as a method of expression in the current Japanese art scene and ultimately explore the fundamental meaning of what art and painting are. In the midst of the so-called “Figurative Age”, we will focus on the artists who have been pursuing new possibilities in abstract expression and rethink the meaning and possibility of abstract painting in the various styles of abstract expression of selected abstract artists.
The artists who receive high praise through this exhibition will be considered for the following year’s full exhibition at ART POINT as well as other international exhibitions.

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