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小林 源


主観的体験は物理的、客観的世界と不可分な関係にある。その客体と主体、物理的世界と私という世界の微妙な乖離。 その二つの世界にまたがる内的世界のイメージ。物理現象が緩やかに主観的体験へと変わるその狭間の世界観。

Gen Kobayashi’s paintings indicate the close relationship between objects and physical senses, emotions, and human nature.
Such an experience is inseparable from the physical world. There is a distance between the physical world which affects the inner image. This means that a view of the world related to the physical phenomenon slowly affects one’s experiences.
  Objects are a reflection of the body and emotion as well as the substitution of memory. Objects and memory exist in daily life as physical senses and emotions that are interconnected, and blurred images as a copy of a copy in the world.
These relationships shape the self-consciousness, leaving one with something to desire for in terms of meaning. Memories and objects are too defective for a genuine experience. Objects in daily life are painted slightly unrealistically as a kind of symbol to paint a picture that indicates the importance of the process of painting as well as the irony of a copy.
The beginning is about objects— a mutual relationship between objects or people. Objects cause emotional and lyrical experiences. Painting is not only an active intervention to the physical world but also a ritual act. The whole process is as important as the work itself.

小林 源
略 歴
2016年 第79回 河北美術展 (藤崎、仙台)
第18回 フィレンツェ賞展 (雪梁舎美術館、東京都美術館)
第12回 世界絵画大賞展 (東京都美術館)
シェル美術賞2016 (国立新美術館)
2017年 クループ展 prologue ⅩⅢ (Gallery Art Point、東京)
2018年 個展(SARP、仙台)
個展 (Gallery Art Point、東京)
シェル美術賞2018 (国立新美術館)
2019  グループ展 scopes (Gallery Art Point、東京)
2016年 第12回 世界絵画大賞展 協賛社賞
第18回 フィレンツェ賞展 佳作
シェル美術賞2016 オーディエンス賞
2017 シェル美術賞2017 オーディエンス賞
Born in Miyagi Prefecture in 1989
2016 The 79th Kawakita Art Exhibition (Fujisaki, Sendai)
18th Florence Awards Exhibition (SETSURYOSHA Art Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)
The 12th World Painting Award Exhibition (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)
Shell Art Award 2016 (The National Art Center, Tokyo)
2017 Group exhibition prologue XIII (GALLERY ART POINT, Tokyo)
Shell Art Award 2017 (The National Art Center of Japan)
2018 Solo exhibition (SARP, Sendai)
Solo exhibition (GALLERY ART POINT, Tokyo)
Shell Art Award 2018 (The National Art Center, Tokyo)
2019 Group Exhibition Scopes (GALLERY ART POINT, Tokyo)
Awards history
2016 12th World Painting Award Exhibition Sponsorship Award
The 18th Florence Awards Exhibition
Shell Art Award 2016 Audience Award
2017 Shell Art Award 2017 Audience Award


  • 赤覚Ⅲ sense of redⅢ
    • Material:アクリル、パネル
    • Size: W 530 x H 333 mm
    • Year: 2019
    ¥55,000 + tax
  • 赤覚Ⅱ sense of redⅡ
    • Material:アクリル、パネル
    • Size: W 530 x H 455mm
    • Year: 2019
    ¥55,000 + tax
  • 赤覚Ⅰ sense of redⅠ
    • Material:アクリル、パネル
    • Size: W 530 x H 333mm
    • Year: 2019
    ¥55,000 + tax
  • haze haze
    • Material:アクリル、パネル
    • Size: W 410 x H 242mm
    • Year: 2018
    ¥50,000 + tax
  • 干渉 meddle
    • Material:アクリル
    • Size: W 273 x H 455mm
    • Year: 2018
    ¥53,000 + tax
  • まどろみ doze
    • Material:アクリル、パネル
    • Size: W 652 x H 530mm
    • Year: 2017
    ¥68,000 + tax
  • 退色 fade
    • Material:アクリル、パネル
    • Size: W 606 x H 910mm
    • Year: 2017
    ¥85,000 + tax
  • ripe
    • Material:アクリル、パネル
    • Size: W 500 x H 727mm
    • Year: 2016
    ¥70,000 + tax
  • 幻視の記憶 memory of hallucination
    • Material:アクリル
    • Size: W 500 x H 727mm
    • Year: 2019
    ¥70,000 + tax
  • 感質 nature of sense
    • Material:アクリル、キャンバス
    • Size: W 1450 x H 1450mm
    • Year: 2019
    ¥200,000 + tax
  • 再生 reborn
    • Material: アクリル、パネル
    • Size: W 530 x H 455mm
    • Year: 2019
    ¥58,000 + tax
  • 虚飾症 affectation
    • Material: アクリル、パネル
    • Size: W 530 x H 803mm
    • Year: 2019
    ¥75,000 + tax

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